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About us

The Ghana Christian Council concept was realised in the autumn of 2011 under the auspices of the Ghana High Commission, in partnership with the Ghana Union UK and the Ghana Service Committee.

In the light of this, a Core Group of the Committee, under the Chairmanship of the Reverend Canon George Ansah was set up with the purpose of formulating a Constitution that would serve as a Working Document, projecting the Aims and Objectives that would enable the Committee set up Structures to Develop Policies and Regulations consistent with Good Governance and Best Practices.

The committee which is open to Ghanaian Church Leaders in the UK and Ireland was to ensure that all arrangements were in place to facilitate the necessary preparations leading to a Formal Launch and Inauguration in July of 2012, of The Ghana Christian Council U.K. and Ireland.

This body will serve and stand to represent the interest of all Ghanaian Christians, Organisations and Churches in the United Kingdom. The aim was to establish a body, and an entity that would replace the dissolved URC Chaplaincy to Ghanaians in the United Kingdom.

The Organisation will offer support to its members in the following areas :
Pastoral support services
Pastoral intervention
Training and Capacity Building
Information Sharing
Collaboration in national activities
Endorsement and Accreditation

GCCUK conducted its very first service of "9 Lessons and Carols" at The Trinity Presbyterian Church in East London. This was a huge success, a memorable occasion and thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended. The Council also held a special service to celebrate the Ghana Independence Anniversary on 18th March at the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster in London.


  • Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship- UK Chaplaincy (GMF-UK

  • Freedom Centre International

  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church London (East Dulwich)

  • United Reformed Church

  • Calvary Charismatic Baptist Church

  • Ghana Union UK & Ireland

  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana- UK

  • Worldwide Miracle Outreach

  • Living Springs International Church

  • Emmanuel Anglican Church West Dulwich

  • Action Chapel London

  • Upper Room Church, Welling

  • Beneficial Veracious Christ Church

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